Archery Rounds FITA

There are many different rounds each with its own name and consisting of a set number of arrows at one or more distances and target sizes. There are two basic types of rounds imperial and metric. Imperial rounds are also known as GNAS or English rounds, whilst metric rounds are also known as FITA rounds

Below is a list of typical round and their distances shot.

FITA Outdoor Rounds

Double FITA means two identical FITA rounds shot sequentially.


Half FITA means a FITA shot with half the indicated number of arrows at each distance. Dozens at each distance:

Metres 122cm faces 80cm faces
90 70 60 50 40 30 50 40 30
FITA Gents 3 3         3   3
FITA Ladies   3 3       3   3
FITA Cadet Ladies     3 3       3 3
FITA 70m   6              
FITA 60m     6            
FITA 900     2.5 2.5 2.5        
FITA Standard Round       3   3      
Olympic elimination   1              
FITA Indoor Rounds
For indoor FITA rounds (only), compound archers must score with inner-10 ring only.
Indoor rounds
FITA 18m 5 dozen at 18m 40cm face
FITA 25m 5 dozen at 25m 60cm face
Indoor match round 1 dozen at 18m 40cm triple face
Combined FITA A FITA 18m, and a FITA 25m, shot in any order