Try Archery

Want to try Archery?

You can try archery at one of our Club nights. These are held at Friskney Village Hall on Wednesday and Thursday nights from 6:30pm in the winter and at our Archery field in the summer months. Archery is a sport where people of all ages and abilities can line up together and take part. That’s one of its big attractions

Although archery does require some physical strength, compared to other sports, it is less physically intensive. Many people who have lost the use of their legs have been able to stay active because of archery. This aspect of the sport has great appeal for those who like to compete, but aren’t necessarily as interested in risking injury

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The cost for the session is £4 per person, including the use of all equipment.

What to wear

For safety reasons archer should wear flat shoes (not open toed footwear) and make sure that sleeves of tops are close-fitting. Long hair should be tied back and no necklaces/pendants or scarves should be worn outside of clothing.

In the summer months we shoot outdoors so at the mercy of the weather, therefore dress please dress appropriately.


We have bows for ages 6 to 80 in a range of weights and sizes.  Participants who are under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or other responsible adult nominated by the parent/guardian.


Friskney Bowmen Have a Go if you are a business, group or club, young or old ( ages 6yrs up ) that fancies a team building event or an evening out please contact us. We can cater for large groups of people, most evening and some weekends.

Please share our website with all your friends, work colleagues and family so we can encourage new faces into the sport of Archery.

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